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Unfair Mario is back! with a Bamm! New-gen Mario, will have to save his princess in an all new challenging way. If you think you knew all the secret tunnels and short cuts than you have yourself fooling in this game. You'll be surprised by the traps, and the levels out there. You might have finished the Old Mario a nth number of time, but this game will have you question your Mario fan's craze! Try to escape from the traps, learn wheres and whats of this new game. The developers have put their best efforts to toughen this game, in which Mario fans are found struggling to Win! If you think you are the Mario Fan, than climb up levels, discover new tunnels and be ready to be stunned and amazed, if you lose you will have to start all over again.

This game will keep you on your edge because of the changes and innovation made in it. Believe me when, I say its more tricky and frustrates you out of your witts! ha ha, that's why the name, Unfair Mario.The animations are quite good in this new class of Mario,Which makes playing this game even more fun!! Good Luck! Don't let your queen wait.

Play this game with your Arrow keys. Have fun with it.